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DeWALT DT2296 Jigsaw Blade Set Assorted 10pce XPC Wood Cutting

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DeWALT DT2296 Jigsaw Blade Set 10pce XPC high performance wood cutting jigsaw blades are designed for optimum cutting control and accuracy with long cutting life. DT2296 Jigsaw Blades feature the latest "Plunge Point" ™ tip for easy plunge cutting into all wood and wood substitute materials extending the working life. Optimum tooth geometry plus increased blade, tooth strength and premium steel body give the trade a longer blade cutting life, accuracy and overall control.

A thicker blade body, increased taper angle and optimised tooth geometry give greater accuracy and overall control of cuts. DT2296 DeWALT Jigsaw Blade Set gives improved breakout due to the slim narrow angled tooth design for clean cutting and less material breakout plus larger deeper gullets between teeth for easier wood chip removal and faster cutting. These bi-metal jigsaw blades increase strength and durability for extra long life and can give up to x2 life of standard HCS XPC blades

Specification of 10pce DeWALT DT2296 Jigsaw Blade Set

  • XPC wood cutting blades
  • x2 DT2205 clean fast cuts through wood, chipboard and plastics
  • x2 DT2209 clean fast cuts through wood, chipboard and plastics
  • x2 DT2213 clean fast cuts through wood, chipboard, plastics and MDF
  • x1 DT2216 clean fast curve cuts through wood, chipboard and plastics
  • x1 DT2217 clean fast cuts through hardwood, chipboard, plywood and laminates
  • x1 DT2218 clean fast cuts through hardwood, chipboard, plywood and laminates
  • x1 DT2220 clean fast cuts through hardwood, chipboard, plywood and MDF
  • x1 tough dispenser case
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