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Buckler Boots range includes waterproof Hi-Viz Buckler Buckz Viz Safety Boots, Buckler Tradez Blitz Safety Boots, Buckler Tradez Baz Safety Boots, Buckler Buckshot 2 Safety Boots, Buckler Nubuckz S3 Safety Boots, Buckler Dealerz Safety Boots, Buckler Goodyear Welted Safety Boots, Buckler Dealer Safety Boots and Buckler Rigger Boots. As well as our wide range of Buckler Safety Boots, Power Tools UK carries Buckler Accessories Buckler Footbedz Insoles giving optimum comfort and support plus black or brown Buckbootz Laces. Power Tools UK now stock the latest unrivalled wellington boot style BBZ Buckbootz BBZ8000 Safety Boots as well as the original BBZ Buckbootz BBZ6000 Safety Boot
Scruffs Footwear now feature water resistant Switchback 3 Safety Boots, Scarfell Safety Boots, water resistant Sabatan Safety Boots, water resistant Sollerat Safety Boots, Ridge Safety Boots, Rafter Safety Boots, and Twister Safety Boots. Also available are Scruffs Halo 3 Safety Trainers and Scruffs Argon Safety Trainers plus Scruffs Gravity Rigger Boots and Scruffs Hayeswater Wellington Boots