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DWST1-75654 DeWALT TOUGHSYSTEM TOTE complete with side latch connectors for carrying several totes together saving time and effort when moving around the site. They are fully accessible capable of transporting up to 20kgs, a DWST1-75654 DeWALT Tote has convenient side handles with a large metal grip handle for carrying using one hand, the robust design and manufacture from high quality plastics takes the punishment plus the DWST1-75654 can be easily clicked together with any other box or case in the DeWALT TOUGHSYSTEM range. These superb DeWALT storage boxes can also be stocked under the reference number DeWALT DS280

Specification of DeWALT DWST1-75654 DS280 Box

  • Extremely spacious ideal for electronic tools and cables
  • Side handles
  • Large folded metal top handle grip
  • Manufactured from high grade plastic
  • Side latches
  • Transports weight up to 20kgs
  • Clicks straight into DeWALT TOUGHSYSTEM
  • Size w x h x d 560mm x 280mm x 330mm
  • All DeWALT Storage from Power Tools UK is supplied with full industrial warranty
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The DeWALT 36 month warranty guarantee is an extension to the standard 12 month warranty automatically covered by Power Tools UK, offering security in case of manufacturing and material defects to DeWALT Power Tools. Registration must be within 28 days of purchase in order that you can take advantage of this FOC warranty extension offered by DeWALT Power Tools


How does it work:-

  1. Log into MyDeWALT at and create an account if you do not already have one
  2. Register the machine by entering the product model number and select an option from the drop-down listing. Unfortunately for kits each individual item must be registered separately 

  3. Enter the date code (engraved inside the battery holder or on the underside of the machine) followed by the serial number shown on the machine rating label. Finally enter your SKU reference, purchase location plus the date of purchase and click confirm 

  4. A summery page will appear showing that the machine has been successfully registered through the DeWALT Warranty Website. The confirmed availability of the extended warranty against the specific machine will be indicated in green allowing you to download the Warranty Certificate

  5. In the event of a machine failure during the extended warranty period contact DeWALT directly for guidance and assistance, you will be required to supply details from your Warranty Registration Certificate which you can recover through your original DeWALT account