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Milwaukee 49222229 Demolition Sawzall Blade Set 12pce

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Milwaukee 49222229 Demolition Sawzall Blade Set

12pce 49222229 Milwaukee Demolition Sawzall Blade Set consisting of x4 AX blade, x2 Wrecker blade and x6 Torch blades

AX Sawzall Blades have been designed with a fang tip for faster plunge cutting through wood with nails and reaching into restricted areas around the site, the nail guard protects the tooth during nail impacts increasing durability and extending the working life of the blade. An extra thick 1.6mm body maximises robustness making it ideal for wood with nails or bolts plus the aggressive 5TPI tooth geometry removes more material per stroke for faster cutting. The AX Blade has been designed with a sloped shape for excellent fast plunge cuts plus the bi-metal construction allows the blade to bend and flex without breaking

Wrecker Sawzall Blades are extra heavy blades for multi material cutting, strong and precise with an extra thick 1.6mm body, the bi-metal construction offers superb blade life and performance. Features of the Milwaukee Wrecker Blade include an aggressive strengthened tooth tip design and uniform gullet depth allowing more material to be removed through each stroke for faster cleaner cutting. The sloped blade shape makes this blade a great choice for plunge cutting through metal pipes, metal sheets, h-beams, copper, zinc, stainless and demolition applications such as wood with nails

Torch Sawzall Blades double duty upgrade sawzall blades with improved tooth geometry for best speed and double the working life, the thick 1.06mm robust blade body allows precision cutting and 25mm blade height improved stability and reduced vibration to a minimum. Milwaukee Torch Sawzall Blades use a tough neck design with stamped indentations around the location end strengthening the blade at it's weakest point plus a grid iron pattern is built into the blade making it more rigid with less tendency to bend or buckle giving the trade best durability and straight precision cuts. Torch blades are subjected to a unique cryogenic heat treatment progress the gives these Milwaukee Sawzall Blades tougher teeth for cutting the hardest of metal sheets, metal pipework, h-beams, copper piping, stainless steel and wood with nails plus offering up to 50% longer life against standard bi-metal blades

Specification of Milwaukee 49222229 Demolition Sawzall Blade Set

  • 12pce Milwaukee Sawzall blade set
  • x2 Milwaukee AX Blade 150mm x 5tpi (48005021)
  • x2 Milwaukee AX Blade 230mm x 5tpi (48005026)
  • x2 Milwaukee Wrecker Blade 230mm x 7/11tpi (48005701)
  • x4 Torch Blade 150mm x 18tpi (48005784)
  • x2 Torch Blade 230mm x 14tpi (48005787)
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