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Trend HINGE/JIG Hinge Jig

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Trend HINGE/JIG Hinge Jig

HINGE/JIG Trend Hinge Jig is a portable template set designed for recessing hinges in wooden doors and frames, it is easy to use with minimal setting up time, completing the job both accurately and quickly, use on-site and in joinery shops to increase productivity with excellent results, now has four apertures for fire door requirements, no need for marking out in the conventional way, can be used with soft and hard woods, tackles knots with ease, quick clean and simple to set-up as the hinge is used as the pattern, clean and accurate recesses are achieved every time, suitable for timber based doors and square butt hinges

Requires light duty router with 1/4″ collet, the Trend T5 router is ideal, long reach router cutter, 12mm diameter, stock code TR12X1/4TC, a sub-base is required for certain routers in order to fit the special guide bush supplied, chisel for squaring off recess corners

How Does It Work?

Setting the Length
Place the hinge into aperture, then place the 4mm spacer gauge between the hinge and the upper aperture block, slide lower block up to hinge and tighten screw, repeat for each aperture

Setting the Width
Undo the edge stop retaining screw and place one leaf of the hinge against the edge stop
Move the edge stop along the slot until the edge of hinge lines up with the inside of the scribe line
Tighten the screw and repeat for the second edge stop

Setting the Depth
Place the jig with router onto the edge of the door, locate the guide bush into one of the apertures and plunge the cutter through until it touches the edge of the door
Place the hinge between the depth stop and the turret stop, then tighten the depth stop release knob

Routing Hinge Recesses
Attach jig to the door with the bradawls supplied and rout each hinge recess
Attach to the door frame in the same way and repeat routing operation to achieve perfect matching recesses every time

Fitting the Door
Square off the corners of the recess with the use of the Trend Corner Chisel
Fit the hinge to the door and frame in the usual manner

Specification of Trend HINGE/JIG Hinge Jig

Hinge sizes possible

  • Length min 2 5/8″ - 67mm
  • Length max 5″ - 127mm
  • Width min 3/8″ - 9.5mm
  • Width max 1 3/8″ - 35mm
  • Door sizes possible
  • Height min 6' 5″ - 1955mm
  • Height max 6' 10″ - 2100mm
  • Thickness min 5/8″ - 16mm

The Hinge Jig Kit contains

  • 4 x Apertures
  • 2 x Bradawls with spacer
  • 1 x 16mm Guide Bush
  • 1 x T-Handle Allen Key
  • 1 x 4mm Spacing Gauge
  • Jig overall length 1.96mtr
  • Supplied in plastic storage tube for transportation
  • Weight 2.9kgs
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