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Trend SET/SS8X1/4TC Router Bit Set 12pce

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Trend SET/SS8X1/4TC Router Cutter Set 12pce is an excellent value for money containing a range of the most widely used cutters for both construction woodworking and finishing decorative jobs, the full set is Tungston Carbide Tipped and is supplied in a sturdy plastic carrying case allowing easy storage and selection and is suitable for grooving, profiling and moulding softwoods, hardwoods, MDF and plywood

Specification of these Trend SET/SS8X1/4TC Router Cutter Sets

  • Straight 1/4″ & 1/2″
  • Dovetail
  • Guided round over R6.35 & R9.5mm
  • Guided chamfer
  • Guided rebater
  • Guided trimmer
  • Guided cove
  • ″V″ groove
  • Core box
  • Guided ogee